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For Insurance

Led by a team of industry veterans and utilizing the most advanced programmatic platform, we’ve pioneered the digital marketing space for Insurance: Auto, Home, Life, Health, and Small Business. QuinStreet has the deepest set of media sources and longest-standing carrier relationships.

We utilize a dynamic platform that maximizes policy conversions and profitability that provides reporting tools that measure full-funnel conversions, from initial acquisition to lifetime value.

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As the largest provider of click media in the space, QuinStreet utilizes data pass, segmentation, matching algorithms and strategic integrations to help businesses target, match and acquire the right customers at the right price.

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We provide multiple call solutions through our owned and operated call center in Portland, Oregon, including click-to-call, IVR and warm and cold transfers.

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QuinStreet consistently updates our lead flows and A-B tests creative copy, which enables us to deliver the best user experience and right customers.

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Through our licensed agency partnerships and Insurance.com, we have the deepest set of direct integrations with carrier quoting engines, allowing us to be the largest online comparison site for Insurance.

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