Join QuinStreet on the Journey to More Students


Join QuinStreet on the Journey to More Students

Let Us Transform Your Inquiries Into Enrollments And Revenue

Prospective students take an average of 5.9 weeks* to apply to an institution once they hit the submit button. Let us determine the best strategy for when and how to connect with your prospects. Engage with your consumers and present your future graduates with meaningful and relevant content through the admissions process and further.

If at any time a prospective student is no longer a fit for your institution, you can match to an applicable QuinStreet network institution and earn revenue back to your bottom line with our turndown service.

  • Utilize QuinStreet’s owned and operated call center for your qualify & transfer needs
  • Build & deploy custom, multi-media nurturing campaigns for every touch-point in your admissions journey
  • Turn uninterested or unqualified inquiries into matches for another school on the QuinStreet Network at a 50/50 revenue share

*based on FY18 Total Client Data where Application Date Supplied.


Call Center Services

  • As an extension of your admissions team, our reputable staff can help increase your speed-to-inquiry on all inquiries that would typically build up in the admissions pool by leveraging our prescreening product
  • Maximize admissions efficiencies by outsourcing appointment setting or packaging applications
  • Maintain compliance requirements by having full control over question configuration, routing and flow for all scripts
  • Operate under a fully staffed HR and compliance team, as well as a third-party partner, CallCriteria, for high volume audits


Nurturing Services

  • Leverage Email, SMS, Chat and Call Center to engage, nurture and guide student prospects through each step of the enrollment process
  • Utilize findings in your historic data to delivery customized communication to bring early high-intent prospects through to conversion or nurture & revive lower intent prospects to complete the enrollment funnel
  • Highlight your program features, offerings and benefits creating positive awareness and connection that encourages students to persist and graduate
  • Understand why & when prospects stall in the process and proceed or re-engage, optimizing for incremental enrollments
  • Offer unqualified or uninterested inquiries the option to match to an applicable QuinStreet network institution and earn revenue back to your bottom line with our turndown service

Hear From The Team

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“Our nurture product engages prospective students early and often via multiple channels (Email, SMS, Chat and Call Center) to bring prospects through to conversion. Recognizing that not all consumers have the same needs, we provide clear next steps with multiple points of conversation and engagement based on their preferred mode of contact. What excites us most about this product is its ability to deliver personalized and hyper-targeted creatives with positive reinforcement at each completed enrollment stage – it’s almost like having a conversation with the consumer as they go through their decision making process!

Furthermore, our team here at QuinStreet has developed a highly data-driven approach that gives us deep insights into consumer engagement and activity, thus enabling us to put the right message in front of the right consumer at the right time, based on their preferences.”

Niki Chawda and Annie Kwok | Customer Engagement

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“Our prescreen services are designed to optimize contacts with our clients’ consumers as well as to ensure a high level of phone quality, compliance and exact targeted matching. I work to optimize contact strategies for our clients to ensure best in class contact rates where our agents reach the consumer in real-time when they are at their highest level of interest. Our best in class speed to inquiry allows for the highest potential matching for our clients.

QuinStreet agent’s number 1 goal is to focus on ensuring the highest level of phone quality, compliance to specific industry requirements all the while asking qualifying questions to ensure we target the exact details necessary for the highest matching accuracy for our clients.”

Tyler Orrell | Call Center

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Join Us!

Let’s start improving your enrollment rate together with quality you can count on. Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns. We’re here for your brand every step of the way.

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