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QuinStreet has delivered qualified inquiries to licensed banks for nearly 20 years. Our unique approach is driven by owned and operated, high-ranking website and media channels that provide a way for consumers to Research, Compare, and Apply for banking solutions that meet their needs. Through unbranded media, exclusive partnerships, and our powerful proprietary reporting tools, we can measure full-funnel conversions from initial acquisition to lifetime value.

We help banks build strategic and flexible media plans based on their specific requirements and goals across Deposits, CDs, MMAs, Savings, Checking, and more.

Click To Apply

Our performance-driven click listings enable consumers to compare offers, choose a product, and be directed to the banking offer they have selected.

Click To Call

We utilize CTA buttons and features that allow consumers to directly connect with bank’s customer service representatives.

Display Inventory

The depth and breadth of our display inventory allows for optimum impressions and quality consumer experiences.

Branded Media

We deliver branded content to a diverse market through unique, responsive media campaigns that echo the brand’s value propositions.

Featured Websites


Along with personal finance expert Richard Barrington, QuinStreet has built Money-Rates.com into an invaluable resource of helpful tools & guides that enable consumers to make informed comparisons of banking products.


SavingsAccounts.com is a resource site built exclusively for research & comparison shopping for Money Market Accounts, CD Accounts, and Checking Accounts, along with useful financial calculators & informative bank reviews.


BestRates.com has delivered quality content & actionable display inventory for nearly a decade. It serves consumers by providing articles & comparison tables that empower them to purchase the account products they need.

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