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For Consumers

We Value Your Experience & Results In Our Marketplace

We are a 20-year-old marketing services company. We run virtual- and private-label marketplaces that help brands identify and match customer prospects in digital media. We are called a performance marketing company because we only get paid for results or, over time, only if we match customer prospects like you with brands that meet your needs.

We work hard to serve brands that can best serve you and that you will choose.

Our brand clients do not include every company or provider. We can and will only match you to those brands that are our clients, but also only when we believe they will actually meet your needs. We seek to have a large and comprehensive list of great brands as clients in every industry we serve, so that you have great choices.

  • We have been a successful business and company since 1999.
  • We are a public company (NASDAQ: QNST).
  • We hold ourselves to high standards of behavior, compliance and performance.
  • We are held to high standards of behavior, compliance and performance by our shareholders, regulators, auditors, and client brands.

If you have any feedback about any of our campaigns, or about anything else, please provide it using the form or phone number below. We want to continuously improve your experience and results in our marketplaces.

QuinStreet's Family Of Websites

Armed with a network of pre-screened, certified contractors, has helped millions of homeowners find the best service for window repairs or replacement.

Real Work Matters (RWM) provides the most recent information about trade schools and vocational careers in the US, helping students who are interested in vocational, trade or technical training after high school find programs that fit their needs.

Whether you're searching for state-specific career paths, colleges and universities, or the best place for raising a family, provides the detailed data points you need to make the right decision for your future. helps prospective students figure out how to align their interests with a career, what kind of education they might need, and whether they want to look at online or traditional campus-based schools.

Built by experts in the education field in 1996, was formed to help combat the one-size-fits-all path when it comes to college and careers by providing an easy way for students to find schools that match their specific needs, and not the other way around. is committed to offering potential students insightful, data-based information on online degree programs, including rankings and other useful information such as career prospects and salary growth. takes the guess work out of going back to school by expertly ranking institutions based on your specific needs to help you find an affordable, high-quality online school that’s right for you. is one of the most trusted resources for Research and Compare shoppers to find solutions for their bath and shower needs. is a resource site built exclusively for research & comparison shopping for Money Market Accounts, CD Accounts, and Checking Accounts, along with useful financial calculators & informative bank reviews.

Along with personal finance expert Richard Barrington, QuinStreet has built into an invaluable resource of helpful tools & guides that enable consumers to make informed comparisons of banking products. has been an independent source of consumer credit card information since 1998. We pioneered the concept of offering online ratings and card reviews to enable consumers to determine which cards best meet their needs. is a one-stop destination that’s been helping drivers make smart car insurance choices for over 20 years. It provides unbiased, expert advice on how to shop and pay for car insurance.

For 35 years, has provided comprehensive content on life, health, auto, and home insurance through a vast library of articles and decision-making tools unavailable from any other single source. has been a pioneer in the industry for 20 years educating consumers through a wide range of articles that serve as guides for purchasing auto, home, health and life insurance at competitive rates.

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