QuinStreet Media Network


QuinStreet Media Network

Where Digital Media Goes To Perform

We partner with digital media companies of all types to engage and match “Research & Compare” customer prospects with the right product or service provider in over a dozen verticals. Our programs leverage an unparalleled combination of client breadth, budgets, data, and technology to produce among the highest eCPM rates available anywhere for our media partners.

Our industry-leading media network includes:

  • Large Media Partnerships
  • Targeted Media Partnerships
  • Email
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Call Center Counseling
  • Social Marketing
  • Expert Websites

Our Media Channels

Large Branded Partnerships

QuinStreet works strategically with some of the Internet’s largest media properties with committed account management support. Our executive-led approach empowers our largest partners with dedicated product, engineering, and creative resources. We design, build, and manage white label, turnkey performance marketing revenue. Our approach is centered on both matching their research-and-compare consumer traffic to best-fit solution providers and on delivering maximum value to our media partners.

Targeted Media Partnerships

QuinStreet partners with industry experts to help build long-term media and monetization efforts. We collaborate with targeted media sources that provide quality content to their users to help them make informed decisions about our clients’ products and services. Media types include, but are not limited to, SEM, SEO, Email, Display, Native, and Social. We are dedicated to our partners and strive to serve as an extension of their organization, providing them with account management, the industry’s best reporting platform, and offering unparalleled expertise in delivering digital advertising solutions that allow our partners to scale.


QuinStreet uses Email Marketing to continue conversations with consumer audiences, providing these consumers with additional and helpful information about our clients’ products and services, and targeted offerings. We believe successful email marketing involves sending CAN-SPAM compliant emails only to those consumers that wish to receive them and segmenting these users into targeted audiences in order to provide them with useful content and offers throughout their purchase cycle; personalized to their needs. We put our data through stringent hygiene processes prior to mailing and have a team of email experts with deep knowledge of the email industry, ISPs and deliverability best practices that focus on specific categories so they can talk effectively to their respective audiences for maximum engagement. Our highly data-driven approach gives us deep insights into daily email activity across consumer attributes thus enabling us to put the right email in front of the right consumer at the right time. Our yields and compliance are among the industry’s best.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of QuinStreet's core competencies. Our experience and SEM philosophy was formed through hundreds of millions of dollars of direct ad spend on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and our talent has been home grown with the QuinStreet approach. Our technologies are proprietary and are industry-leading. QuinStreet promotes its sites in some of the web's most competitive verticals, and we have earned our rankings by developing deeper keyword lists, more granular ad group segmentation, highly tailored and tested ad copy, and a continuous review of the search queries that match our ads to ensure the highest degree of relevance and quality. There are a few companies that may spend more in SEM than QuinStreet, but none that spend it more wisely or more productively for our marketing clients.

Call Center Counseling

QuinStreet’s Contact Center is available for consumers looking for real-time assistance in comparing products and services. We use state-of-the-art technology for call auditing, compliance and employee training.

Social Marketing

Paid social media is an ever-increasing and critical part of every company’s digital marketing strategy. QuinStreet concentrates on developing social media performance-marketing campaigns tailored to the needs and objectives of our marketing clients. QuinStreet campaigns go beyond brand awareness to capturing direct response actions to engage new customer prospects, as well as maintaining engagement with existing customers. QuinStreet specializes in consistently selecting the right social platforms and identifying the right audiences based on marketing client performance goals. QuinStreet social media platform partners include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. QuinStreet always stays at the forefront of the social media landscape in order to identify new platforms to further enhance marketing strategies and success.

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