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QuinStreet’s Credit Cards vertical has been delivering high-quality new cardholders to issuers for more than a decade. We facilitate this connection primarily through our owned-and-operated websites, but also via select qualified media partners.

We work closely with our clients to develop and deploy flexible and performance-proven campaigns that help them reach new and growing markets of informed consumers who make decisions based on researching and comparing credit card offers before they apply.

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Smart Listings

We tailor our performance-driven display listings based upon consumer-provided data to match consumer needs and to create effective consumer experiences that meet issuer requirements

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Editorial Reviews

We have an experienced editorial staff that publishes a wide variety of news and content that covers the broader Financial Services industry, but especially credit cards where products can and do change quite frequently.

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Branded Media

We specialize in providing client brand exposure by offering customizable, high-visibility placements such as homepage takeovers and expert-driven email campaigns.

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Commitment To Compliance

QuinStreet’s award-winning compliance team is a separate but integrated function that continually monitors our media network for compliance with issuer compliance standards and industry best practices.

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