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Learn how we deliver great results for our clients in the world's biggest marketing channel

Where Performance Drives Digital

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QuinStreet helps institutions and prospects find each other at scale

Accessing High-Intent Prospects

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Our success is tied directly to satisfying consumers and our marketing clients

Building Business Together

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Our Products

Great Results are Our Real Product

We match online consumers to product and service providers. We help product or service providers reach “Research and Compare” customer prospects in the world’s largest channel.

Visitors and clients can engage in the format they prefer, including clicks, leads or inquiries, calls, applications, appointments, or actual sales.

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About QuinStreet

Powering Performance Marketplaces In Digital Media

QuinStreet is a pioneer in powering decentralized online marketplaces that match searchers and “research and compare” consumers with brands. We run these virtual and private-label marketplaces in one of the nation’s largest media networks.

Our industry leading segmentation and AI-driven matching technologies help consumers find better solutions and brands faster. They allow brands to target and reach in-market customer prospects with pinpoint segment-by-segment accuracy, and to pay only for performance results.

Our campaign-results-driven matching decision engines and optimization algorithms are built from over 20 years and billions of dollars of online media experience.

We believe in:

  • The direct measurability of digital media.
  • Performance marketing. (We pioneered it.)
  • The advantages of technology.

We bring all of this together to deliver truly great results for consumers and brands in the world’s biggest channel.

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