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Technology is at the core of all we do - our consumer experiences, our matching algorithms, our client and media-partner facing platforms, our data centers, our security systems. Our senior engineering team has been here since the beginning, starting as software developers, growing into architects, and now leading entire product initiatives with our businesses and directly with clients.

We love to try out new ideas and experiment fast (days/weeks) and once an idea is proven we will go and build it in a scalable way. Tech at QuinStreet is fast, changing rapidly and a lot of fun! Come meet the team, come join the team…

Nina Bhanap | President & CTO
Joined QuinStreet in 2001

Did you know?

Engineers make up 40% of the QuinStreet team.

Meet Our Engineers


Product Development

Joined QuinStreet in 2005

“We’re a diverse collective of thinkers and doers, continuously reimagining our products and practices to help the business accomplish what it needs in new and exciting ways. Every new product, service, or feature we invent is the result of people working together to make each other’s ideas stronger because ultimately everything the QuinStreet Engineer Team does impacts the top line.”


Product Development

Joined QuinStreet in 2005

“We serve the demands of millions of visitors looking for product offers every single day; making data science a core aspect of how our business reaches solutions and innovates new strategy. Our team applies machine learning, statistical modeling, and mathematical optimization to solve the many challenges big data brings to the table.

Joining the QuinStreet team means joining a team of expert data scientists evaluating consumer intent, detecting fraud, optimally pricing traffic, allocating network demand, and predicting a plethora of possible outcomes relevant to our clients, partnerships, and QuinStreet at large.”


Data Warehouse

Joined QuinStreet in 2002

“QuinStreet’s Data Platform (QDP) team is an integral component of the Engineering organization. We provide an enriched and valuable ecosystem of data platforms and data services that drive innovation for our media partners and clients. The QDP is homegrown using BigData and conventional Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Our QDP team takes data seriously. We leverage data differently than others in the Digital Marketing space by continuously mining the data to improve and develop new business initiatives. QuinStreet’s data serves to constantly measure performance and quality, maximizing user experience and optimizing yield.”


Product Development

Joined QuinStreet in 2005

“On the Product Development team, we engineers are excited to utilize top-notch industry technologies in our daily work. By using Artificial Intelligence algorithms in our APIs, we optimize and hand-tune our products and apply static code analysis tools to deliver the highest-quality code we can.

We utilize the latest-and-greatest software from Spring Framework and Spring Boot to programs like Apache Kafka Streams, JDK 11, Big Data, Couch Base distributed caches, SpotBugs, Swagger, Actuate and many others.”


Product Development

Joined QuinStreet in 2006

“Technology in Digital Media continues to trend with high-value and rapid returns. Our engineering team is a proponent of Automation and Tools accentuating human intelligence. We use it as a vehicle to provide and demonstrate our alignment with the exciting developments that are taking place in the industry.

Building a multi-channel consumer nurturing and automated system seems to be standard these days, but the real challenge lies in detailed reporting and thorough attribution. Our engineering resources focus on connecting all dots across devices and various channels to build a streamlined and productive experience for the consumer.”


Information Security

Joined QuinStreet in 2003

“Do you get excited about building scalable web applications to withstand tens of millions of hits a day? Are you an architect of highly redundant active/active datacenter distributed CDN traffic?

Get your hands dirty on the best Network, Storage, Server, Virtualization, Web, App, and Databases. Take on challenging opportunities that need creative solutions. Be secure with best-of-breed security products preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber attacks.”


Product Development

Joined QuinStreet in 2004

The big data team hosts data sets across QuinStreet’s massive media network. 100’s of TB of data are mined every day; cost, revenue and 100’s of other parameters are stitched together for analysis and optimization by analysts wielding tableau & Hive for ad hoc analysis or machine learning jobs using R & MatLab.

By adopting new generation technologies, our team has enabled Analysts, Account Managers & Engineering teams to deliver better value to our clients”

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